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How to Apply Mascara

Mascara is by far the simplest, most affordable way to get fuller, more dramatic eyelashes. Advances in modern cosmetics have created mascara formulas that produce an array of stunning effects. Volume-boosting mascaras give lift and drama to eyelashes, while nourishing mascaras promote eyelash health.

In this blog, Be a 10’s cosmetic professionals give you tips on selecting the right mascara for your needs and teach you how to apply mascara like a pro.

What Is the Best Mascara?

Choosing the correct type of mascara is essential for achieving the look you want. Mascaras come in a variety of formulas with different goals. So, what is the best mascara for your needs? When considering the different mascara types, it’s best to begin by choosing the desired look.

Natural looks call for simple mascaras that closely match the natural color of your eyelashes or hair. Avoid layering heavy mascaras that coat and separate.

Dramatic, stylized eye makeup looks utilize volumizing, lengthening, or layering mascaras to create lift, separate the lashes, and add heavy contrast.

After you decide which kind of look you’d like, it’s time to choose a mascara type.

Types of Mascara

The two primary categories of mascara are regular and waterproof. Waterproof formulas prevent smudging or running during everyday mascara wear. Both waterproof and regular mascaras come in various formulas, including:


  • Lash-lengthening
  • Volumizing
  • Thickening
  • Restorative
  • Curling
  • Lash-defining
  • Clump-free
  • And more


Each formula has benefits for different looks or situations. For example, long-wear, waterproof mascara doesn’t run or smudge and is great for all-day wear in the office. Be a 10’s makeup experts recommend trying and using different types of mascara to stay prepared for every situation.

After you’ve chosen the perfect formulas, it’s time to learn how to apply mascara like a seasoned pro. At Be a 10, we are happy to provide expert tips to get the lashes of your dreams.

How to Apply Mascara Like a Makeup Artist

Curl first! If you plan to use an eyelash curler for your look, always curl the lashes before applying mascara. Curling before mascara application protects the eyelashes from damage.

Step #1: Remove excess mascara from the wand

Remove the mascara wand from the tube slowly. Try to avoid pulling too quickly or pushing the mascara wand in and out of the mascara tube. A single, fluid motion prevents excess buildup on the mascara wand.

After removing the mascara wand, gently clean any extra mascara from the applicator by pulling the bristled end across the opening of the mascara tube. Removing the excess mascara frees the individual bristles in the mascara wand to properly lift and coat each eyelash.

Pro secret: How to clean a mascara wand

A well-kept secret to perfect lashes every time is using a clean mascara wand. Over time, mascara builds up and dries on mascara wands, making them less effective at lifting and separating eyelashes. Solutions for safely cleaning mascara wands include:


  • Eye makeup remover
  • Coconut or mineral oil
  • Odorless baby shampoo


After cleaning, rinse the mascara wand under running water and allow it to dry. For your next use, prime the mascara wand by placing it in the tube and removing it one or two times.

Step #2: Begin with the bottom lashes

Many people skip the lower lash line and focus on the upper lashes. However, applying mascara to the lower lash line brightens and defines the eyes. Further, beginning mascara application along the lower lash line reduces accidental smudging from the upper lashes.

If your lower lash line is thin, hold the mascara wand with the applicator tip pointing toward the face. Using the point of the mascara wand, gently paint each lash. For fuller lower lash lines, hold the wand parallel to your face and use several soft, light sweeps through the lashes.



Step #3: Coat the upper lashes

For natural-looking eyelashes, coat the upper lashes with one or two light coats of lengthening mascara. Begin at the base of the lashes and lightly swoop upward, pulling the wand away from the eye. This motion gently separates and curls the lashes while adding just enough mascara to provide definition.

If you’re wondering how to make mascara stand out for a dramatic look, apply several coats of bold volumizing or curling mascara. Beginning again at the base of the lashes, gently move the mascara wand from side to side while pulling it upward through the lashes. Repeat this process three to four times to create bold, defined eyelashes with a smoldering appearance.

Finish the look by applying any touchups to the inner or outer eyelashes.

How to Make Mascara Last Longer

If you’ve found a favorite mascara, you’re probably wondering how to make mascara last longer.  Prevent mascara from drying out by taking actions such as:


  • Properly closing the mascara tube after each use
  • Adding saline solution
  • Mixing the mascara with eyedrops or alcohol

During each use, avoid repeatedly pumping the mascara wand in and out of the mascara tube. Preventing air from getting into the mascara tube keeps the mascara usable for longer.

How to Remove Mascara

If you’ve ever woken up with leftover mascara still on, you probably want to know how to get mascara off before going to bed. Washing the face in lukewarm water successfully removes most regular mascara formulas. Avoid rinsing the mascara into the eyes, and gently pat dry with a soft towel. To learn how to get mascara out of clothes, skip ahead to the next section.

Waterproof mascara stays in place longer than regular formulas. To remove it, try one of the following methods:


  • Eye makeup remover liquid or towelette
  • Mineral oil
  • A gentle, damp cloth

Clean any areas around your eyes gently using clean, cool water and a soft cloth.


How to get waterproof mascara off of clothing

To stop waterproof mascara from staining clothing or cloth, gently dab the affected area with eye makeup remover and rinse thoroughly with cool water.  For stubborn cases, baby shampoo or gentle oil-removing soaps work well to lift the product from the cloth.

Be a 10 offers professional-grade mascara that stays put when you need it and is easy to remove when you’re ready to change looks. To learn more about professional makeup application, browse our blog or get started with our exclusive line of beauty products today.