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How to Apply Concealer

Concealer is a not-so-secret weapon in any makeup arsenal. When used over or under foundation, the right concealer can hide blemishes, correct redness, or eliminate dark circles.


Today’s cosmetics shelves offer dozens of concealer shades and styles, making it easier to select an ideal product. Even the best concealers are only as good as their application, however. The secret to a finished, professional look is knowing how to apply concealer.


Achieving the flawless look you want doesn’t have to be complicated. In this guide, you’ll find Be a 10’s top professional tips to help you choose products and learn how to apply concealer.

How to Choose Concealer

Achieving the look you want begins with knowing how to choose a concealer that’s right for you. Beyond matching concealer shades to skin tones, many concealers have different formulas and consistencies, each with its own formula to target and treat specific issues.


Whether you’re dealing with dark circles, blemishes, or redness, read on to learn how to choose a concealer that’s good for your skin.


Choosing the correct type of concealer

Cosmetic designers develop concealers with specific, targeted purposes. Some concealers are all-purpose, which you may use all over your face. The purpose of other concealers is to reduce the appearance of fine lines or conceal dark spots, for example.


Ensure that the formula you choose is right for your skin or skin issues. Multiple concealers aren’t necessary, but having one or two different concealer types and colors on hand keeps you ready for unexpected flare-ups or skin changes. Keep reading to learn how to pick concealer color, and more.

How to choose your concealer color

Concealers are available in more colors now than ever before. While this can seem overwhelming, it means it’s now easier to find shades that perfectly match your skin tone.


Sometimes, concealers come in unexpected colors, such as green or pink. These concealers work by perfecting the color and tone of your skin.


Narrow down which shades are right for you by beginning with a yellow-based concealer that is one or two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Skin color varies with sun exposure, so it’s a good idea to have at least two shades in your makeup rotation. 


For help finding your ideal concealer shades, you can sample concealers at your favorite cosmetics counters or reach out to a cosmetics professional.


How to Apply Concealer: A Complete Guide

If you’re learning how to apply concealer, you’ve probably seen every applicator and blending tool available. Commonly used tools include blending sponges, wand applicators, and brushes. Each tool is helpful, so our beauty experts recommend having a few different applicators or brushes in your makeup kit.


Once you have the concealer and some brushes or sponges, you’re ready to begin. Read on to learn how to apply concealer for every situation.


How to apply under-eye concealer

The under-eye area is one of the most sensitive areas on the face. Apply concealer in this area gently, using the dot method or a gentle glide with an applicator wand. It takes practice to learn how to apply under-eye concealer skillfully, and Be a 10’s got you covered.


If you’re dealing with stubborn dark circles or fine lines, make sure you’re using a concealer formulated to treat or cover these issues. For dark circles, stick concealers or thick liquid concealers are best.


Always apply under-eye concealer in the shape of a triangle pointing down from the eye. This shape ensures even blending and creates a more natural look. Blend down and out using either a blending sponge or a concealer brush.

Apply concealer around the eyebrows

Concealer is a pain-free alternative to eyebrow plucking. After shaping in and filling in your eyebrows, concealer perfects their shape.


  • Use an angled brush to apply a small dab of liquid concealer around the edges and arches of your shaped brows.
  • Blend outward or into the brow as appropriate to achieve a clean, professional brow look.


Concealer is ideal for last-minute eyebrow touchups without having to start from scratch.

How to use concealer around the mouth

Cover up any blemishes or spots around the mouth by gently dabbing a small amount of liquid concealer around the area. Blend outward using a blending sponge.


Prevent lipstick from creasing and give it an extra color boost by priming your lips with a thin layer of liquid concealer before applying lipstick.

Hide pimples or redness with concealer

Concealers have the power to disguise or cover blemishes and skin redness. To hide blemishes, use a small brush to apply a concealer that is one shade darker than your natural skin. Next, apply a lighter concealer or foundation and blend the two shades.


For excessive redness, use green concealers or primers underneath other yellow-based concealers and foundations. Green concealer works to tone down redness and allows cooler skin tones to shine.

Cover dark spots or scars with concealer

Hide dark spots or scars easily with a few skillful concealer techniques. Use lighter, thicker concealers to cover dark marks or areas, blending outward and finishing with a natural-looking foundation.


For scars, use a small brush to fill in any imperfections using light concealer. Brush over the area with loose powder before following with foundation.


Finish Your Look

After applying concealer to problem areas, double-check for any areas where concealer is still necessary. Next, it’s time to seal in and finish your look.


You may be wondering how to stop concealer from settling in creases and lines. This final step comes after you’ve applied and blended all concealer or foundation products.


  • Use a loose setting powder all over the face, and allow it to set
  • After makeup has set, remove all excess powder
  • Use a finishing spray to lock concealer and foundation into place


Be a 10 has a line of professional-quality concealers and foundations that we’ve formulated for optimal skin health and polished looks. Our skin coverage is available in a selection of shades that you can match and blend to suit any natural skin tone.


Now that you’ve learned how to apply concealer, you’re ready to move on to eyes, lips, and more! For additional expert advice about makeup application, check out the other informative articles in our Be a 10’s blog.